About Nokt Group

NoktGroup Nail Business Inc. is a Russian-Brazilian holding company established in São Paulo, Brazil. Our purpose is to bring, standarize and popularize the “Russian Manicure Method” to Brazil, specially the hardware manicure and the gel systems technologies. Brazil still uses outdated technologies like pliers and regular nail lacquer as their standard. Increasing consumer disposable income, rising consciousness among women regarding their appearance, and popularity of nail art are expected to have a positive impact on demand over the next 8 years. 

Grand View Research

Facts & Perspectives

Due to the recognition of the "Russian Manicure Method" benefits and effectiveness among the Brazilians, we are being searched for franchise openings. Our number one unit is to be launched this April 13th. The first Russian Nail Studio in Brazil will be located on Parkshopping Canoas, a strategically located city close to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state capital, that has easy access from 34 municipalities. This huge mall belongs to Multiplan group, which liquid results 2019's last quarter was 78 million dollars, who made an offer to open our franchise store in each of the 19 malls they own spread in Brazil.

NoktGroup Companies

Kerria Store
Instagram @kerria.store | www.kerriastore.com 

Kerria Store is a Foreign Trade and Retail Channel Company, the first e-commerce store that focused on nail instruments supplies and inputs from the best worldwide manufacturers.

Nokt Professional Nail Technologies

Instagram @nokt.brasil

Our self-brand for high performance nail e-files and bits.

RNSA Russian Nail School & Accreditation
Instagram @rnsa.brasil | www.rnsa.eu

A Remarkable hybrid concept training center that brings together a Nail School and a Nail Studio that strictly teach and use the international method in its highest standards.

Instagram @thenail_orgwww.thenail.org

A non profit international manicure and nail professionals community, who has the purpose to foster the nail technicians category and its industry.